Dr Richard Thean and his team would like to welcome to you to Beyond Smiles Dentistry, a dental practice dedicated to creating more than just beautiful smiles.

Our beautiful, newly refurbished practice is located in Aspendale, in Melbourne’s south-east. We offer the latest in dental technology and service, to create the smile you have been looking for, the smile of your dreams.

At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, apart from catering for all your general dental needs, we also offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatment options, from simple tooth whitening and tooth colored fillings to complex full mouth reconstructions with dental implants, highly aesthetic porcelain restoration, and orthodontics. Our helpful and friendly team focuses on offering the best possible dental care consultation and treatments. We offer a variety of dental treatments to maintain dental health for you and your family. From general dentistry to cosmetic dental care we offer expert dental services in Aspendale.

Please enjoy navigating through our website, and discover more on how we can help you achieve and maintain your beautiful smile for life. We look forward to seeing you at Beyond Smiles Dentistry, and if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Connect with the leading dental care in Aspendale

Our endeavour at Beyond Smiles Dentistry is to provide you with efficient dental care. For this, we follow a patient-oriented approach and dedicate ourselves around comfort and effective results. Our team of expert dentists in Aspendale is well prepared to offer reliable and affordable dental services and seek the best possible results.

Connect with the caring Family and Emergency Dentists in Aspendale

Every member of your family needs to maintain good dental health and hygiene. Therefore it is important to look for a reliable family dentist who can make your family members feel safe and comfortable. We are family dentists, which families in Aspendale trust. We understand that visiting a dentist can make patients anxious at times. So, we have made our practice as hospitable as possible. We explain all the aspects of our treatments to you and make you comfortable.

We offer Sleep Dentistry in Aspendale and make our patients comfortable. 

Do you fear about visiting the dentist? Many of our patients experience anxiety of visiting a dentist. So, if you are afraid of visiting a dentist, but need to have your teeth extracted, or any other treatment, then our sleep dentistry in Aspendale can help you. Sleep dentistry refers to an anaesthetic induced sedation to reduce pain and anxiety before your dental procedure even begins.

Contact With Us For Expert Dentist Treatments In Aspendale

At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, we are committed to providing extremely professional dental care to patients in Aspendale, Our clinic in Aspendale is well- equipped with state-of-art equipment which makes our dental clinic perfect for seeking dental treatments and comprehensive consultation and information about dental health and hygiene. So connect with us now and seek proper care and dental services like routine dental checkups, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, to fillings, crowns and implants.

Connect with the reliable and expert dentist in Aspendale now and schedule your appointment.

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