Beyond Smiles Dentistry has chosen to adopt the best technology, and make it all accessible to their patients.

Digital Age

Our dental surgery is computerised, so any information pertaining to past treatments, accounts, or correspondence from other professionals are all stored electronically, making them easily and readily accessible.

Digital X-rays

The use of the latest digital Intraoral X-ray systems greatly reduces the amount of radiation exposure to the patient and also enables the image to be retrieved quickly from electronic data storage.

Intraoral Camera

It is often difficult for a patient to picture and understand what exactly their dentist is trying to describe when a problem has been identified in their mouth. At Beyond Smiles, all our dental operators are equipped with intraoral cameras, which enables the clinician to take a snapshot of what they wish to show you on a screen. This can help our patients understand the cause and extent of their dental problems.


Beyond Smiles Dentistry follows a stringent infection control protocol when it comes to the processing of our dental instrument. Our protocol ensures that ALL instruments are cleaned and sterilised prior to use on our patients. At Beyond Smiles we employ the use of only “Class B” autoclaves/sterilisers with a fractionated pre-vacuum and satisfies the requirements to “Class B”- autoclaves of the European standard EN 13060.

Rotary NiTi Endodontics, Electronic Apex locators and Heated Obturating Systems.

At Beyond Smiles, with the use of the rotary endodontics with Nickle Titanium (NiTi) file systems, root canal therapies can usually be completed in one or two visits.

NOTE: This (varies depending on individual circumstances and the severity of the infection.)

Surgical Unit

Dental Surgical procedures such as removal of impacted wisdom teeth and implant surgery procedures are performed by your Beyond Smiles dentist utilising this piece of surgical equipment. This enables the surgical procedure to be completed properly, and safely in the shortest time possible to ensure your experience remains positive and comfortable.

Operating Loupes

Having 20/20 vision is often not enough when the dentist has to diagnose and interpret what we see in teeth or other areas of the mouth. Very often incipient dental decay is missed because it is unclear to the unaided eye. The use of dental magnification and illumination has greatly reduced the incidence of missed diagnosis and improves the quality and safety of dental treatment. At Beyond Smiles, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and it is always better to rectify a potential problem before it really becomes an expensive one.

Dental Soft Tissue Laser

Dental Lasers enables the dentist to perform many different forms of soft tissue therapy or surgery without the use of a surgical scalpel. Using a dental laser for surgery also means a faster healing time and less discomfort to our patients.

Regenerative Dentistry

At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, we are able to utilise the latest techniques cultivated from stem cell and regenerative research as an adjunct to our dental treatments. Surgical dental procedures may often result in significant discomfort, and potentially a long healing period.

Our blood naturally contains stem cells, platelets and numerous growth factors. At Beyond Smiles, we can make use of this process by collecting, processing and reapplying it to surgical sites. This has been found to aid wound healing from extractions, implant placement, bone/ridge and sinus augmentation procedures.