Here at Beyond Smiles Dentistry we believe that good oral hygiene for every member of your family can set you on the path to a healthy mouth for life, which is why we are particularly interested in your child’s oral health. Preventative care, especially in children can help diagnose potential problems early before they become painful and costly.

The building of dental awareness and a positive dental attitude in children is very important at a young age.

Children's Dentistry Mordialloc

Beyond Smiles Dentistry takes great joy in helping you, and your child to create this a positive experience. This is very important, as an unpleasant dental experience at an early age often results in fear of dental treatment in later years.

Parents are advised to begin introducing their child to professional dental care at an early age, which could be as young as 3 years of age. A positive dental experience can be developed in children at this early age, through watching a parent having their teeth cleaned, or even interacting by having their teeth counted. Positive experiences at each subsequent visit will allow your child to become familiar with the benefits of preventative care with little or no anxiety.

With regular care, prevention, and the development of good dental habits, we hope to help your children retain good oral health for life.

At Beyond Smiles, our friendly and passionate Oral Health Therapist will be glad to assist in helping your child develop a positive experience and attitude towards dental care.