With the use of orthodontics, we can help both children and adults achieve an ideal occlusion and a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile. Today’s orthodontic appliances are unrecognisable from the old-fashioned, heavy and bulky metal wires and brackets you may be familiar with.

Modern orthodontics can involve the use of several different appliances to correct your bite, depending on your personal situation. Braces, removable or fixed appliances, expanders, or clear aligners are a few of the appliances we can prescribe. Depending on your needs, the duration of your orthodontic treatment may last from one year to three years.

Because some orthodontic problems can be rectified more easily when they are detected early, we strongly recommend that your child has regular dental examinations.

Contemporary braces systems now work much faster than in the past, decreasing the amount of time and discomfort that you have during your treatment. Traditional braces are usually the most cost-effective and rapid way of straightening your teeth and can be used for almost any individual. Some people feel that the appearance of traditional braces is not for them, but we offer many more aesthetic alternatives as well!

Clear aligners are completely removable appliances that allow you to not hide your smile as you have your teeth straightened. Clear aligners are completely computer-controlled allowing precise planned movements of every tooth. Your aligners must be worn for 22 hours a day throughout the course of treatment to ensure that your teeth move according to plan. The aligners must be removed to eat and drink anything other than cool water. Tooth coloured buttons are usually required to help the aligners move your teeth accurately during treatment. The cost of clear aligners is usually far greater than traditional orthodontics, as well as taking longer for the alignment of your teeth. While clear aligners work well in many cases, some individuals are not suitable for clear aligners.

Please ask one of our friendly practitioners if this treatment is suitable for you.

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