Maintenance of your oral health is very important. Having healthy teeth and gums not only enables you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly. At Beyond Smiles, we encourage you to have regular visits to our Continuing Care Department where your natural teeth, gums and your dental works can be checked and maintained professionally by our Oral Health Therapist and Dentist, to ensure their continued function and longevity.

A regular maintenance program carried out at 6 monthly intervals is usually optimal and effective. This however may be different for some individuals, as their dental requirements will vary. During these visits, your clinician will be able to identify and notify you of any potential issues. This is a much less painful,  less expensive, and less worrisome option than treating conditions that have been allowed to progress unchecked in the long term.

Our Oral Health Therapists are registered health professionals qualified to carry out all the clinical tasks that a dental hygienist and dental therapist normally performs in both children and adults.

They work closely with your dentist, educating you on issues of dental health, plaque control, oral hygiene, diet and nutrition. They use preventative and therapeutic methods for the control of oral diseases to achieve and maintain optimal oral health in people of all ages.

Gum Care and Disease Prevention

Your personal daily oral hygiene regime is crucially important for the health of your gums and teeth. That is because correct brushing eliminates plaque from the surfaces of the teeth and gums, while flossing removes plaque from in between the teeth and under the gum line.

During your initial or biannual hygiene appointment at Beyond Smiles, plaque and tartar is removed from both above and below the gum line of all your teeth. An assessment on the health of the supporting tissue of your teeth is also conducted to determine if you require further periodontal or “gum” treatment, or a more frequent professional maintenance program.

  1. Oral Hygeine Instructions
  2. Dietary Advice
  3. Smoking and your Oral Health