Porcelain or ceramic restorations have been used widely and for many years in dentistry. They are used as the restorative material of choice primarily in areas when there is a high aesthetic requirement. Their application ranges from simple veneers to complex long-span bridges. These porcelain restorations are fabricated from the detailed instructions and accurate impressions provided by your Beyond Smiles dentist at reputable and trusted local dental laboratories.

Your Beyond Smiles dentist will conduct a thorough examination and assessment, prior to commencing your porcelain restorations, which can be completed in just 2 appointments.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns often referred to as caps, are one of the strongest long-term solutions used to restore a single tooth. It restores function and aesthetic to heavily repaired or broken teeth, and also helps to maintain the physical integrity of a tooth after root canal treatment. They are recommended where and when the use of conventional fillings as the final restoration will most likely result in failure. Crowns are highly aesthetic and can be used on any teeth. Once bonded in place, a well-maintained crown can last for well over 15 years. There are predominantly two types of porcelain crowns. Full ceramic crowns are used where aesthetics are a priority, and porcelain fused to precious metal crowns are used when extra strength is required.

Inlays/Onlays are solid, one-piece restorations fabricated indirectly and then cemented into place. An inlay will fit into a cavity within a tooth as a filling does, while an Onlay will extend further outside the cavity to cover over a cusp of the tooth.

Conventional direct restorations like amalgam and composite resins are subjected to setting expansion and shrinkage respectively, thus exerting great pressure on the tooth structure. These undesired setting pressures may result in fractures, loss of marginal integrity, leakage and potential decay and tooth loss. Inlays/Onlays do not shrink or expand upon cementation, and thus do not have the undesired effects on the tooth. Fabrication of these restorations indirectly ensures that their fit would be far superior, more aesthetic, and more durable than your conventional fillings.

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As a cosmetic dental treatment, dental veneers are an amazing alternative for people who wish to create a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

What are Dental Veneers and why you should choose Beyond Smiles for Dental veneers in Mordialloc

Dental veneers are produced from ceramic materials due to which, they are strong, sturdy and stain free. At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, we offer ceramic dental veneers in Mordialloc which can give you aesthetically spectacular and natural results.

Porcelain Bridges

To replace missing teeth, porcelain bridges are made and attached to one or two adjacent crowns, and often necessitates the removal of healthy tooth structure from the adjacent teeth. Thus at Beyond Smiles, dental implants are recommended predominantly as the ideal method of tooth replacement where appropriate. Porcelain bridges are only recommended where the use of dental implants are not viable or when the potential risk to adjacent teeth is minimal.