Dentures are the simplest alternative to replacing missing teeth, but they need to be removed and cleaned frequently and should be left out at night. Dentures are classified either into Full or Partial dentures.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, often made entirely of acrylic are used when there are no remaining teeth. These full dentures rely heavily on the presence of a prominent bony ridge to retain them. Thus, patients of advanced age or those who have had teeth missing for many years may find it difficult to wear and use a denture comfortably, especially in the lower jaw.

Partial Dentures

Please ask your Beyond Smiles dentist how dental implants can help regain stability to your dentures in these situations.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when there are only some missing teeth. There are two types available, Vitallium and acrylic.

Vitallium dentures are the best of partial dentures, they have a cast metal alloy framework, and acrylic teeth.

It is very light, thin and more comfortable to wear compared to the partial acrylic dentures. The Vitallium denture relies on the supporting teeth to be sound and healthy as it is often impossible to make changes to these dentures once they have been made. Your Beyond Smiles dentist will need to perform a thorough examination before denture construction commences.

Acrylic dentures are the less expensive option, but they are not as comfortable to wear. These are only constructed when the cost is a factor or the remaining teeth are compromised. A consultation at Beyond Smiles will help you find out which is the best option for you.