Root canal therapy (RCT) has often been misconstrued as a very painful and uncomfortable procedure to be avoided. RCT can be avoided with good oral hygiene habits or early treatment of dental decay.

However, in the event that dental decay has progressed too far, or the tooth had suffered irreversible damage due to external trauma, RCT is the only treatment designed to relieve the pain whilst retaining your tooth. The procedure is done by removing the nerve/s from the canal/s and disinfecting the tooth with medication. When the tooth has been fully disinfected, the canals are filled and sealed.

Root canal therapy is a highly complex and technically demanding procedure but has a very high success rate when completed properly. At Beyond Smiles, RCT with Rotary Nickel Titanium (NiTi) instruments usually means fewer visits and less discomfort. You’ll be surprised to note that most of our patients find that having root canal treatment is as unobtrusive as getting a filling, some have even fallen asleep.