White Fillings

Traditionally, amalgam was the standard filling material of choice. These silver filling materials consists of a mixture of mercury, silver and a number of other metals. A great deal of research indicates that mercury is toxic to the body and to our environment.

Many patients now request removal of their old amalgam fillings based on aesthetic and health reasons. The safe, biocompatible alternatives to silver amalgam fillings include composite resins.

Composite resin fillings are principally plastic. They can be blended closely to mimic the color and shape your existing teeth, thus resulting in a highly aesthetic and tooth like restoration. The strength and natural appearance of tooth-colored fillings can provide you with a fresh perfect look, which can be accomplished in a single visit.

Another alternative to restoring your teeth with tooth colored material is with porcelain, which is far superior in terms of aesthetics, strength and longevity. Your Beyond Smiles Dentist will be happy to discuss this further with you at your appointment.

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