Know Everything about Teeth cleaning in Mentone

At Beyond Smiles, we offer teeth cleaning services in Mentone to help our clients get a fresh feel and lustrous white teeth. Know more about our teeth cleaning process and understand how it will help you.

  1. We begin with a holistic oral examination.  
    Teeth cleanings are carried out by a skilled dental hygienist at our clinic. But before beginning the actual process, our hygienist conducts a holistic oral examination. A  small mirror is used to check your teeth and gums and see if you have any potential concerns. In the event where a major problem is found, the dental hygienist will then schedule a consultation for you with the dentist.
  2. We ensue with the real procedure by removing the plaque and tartar
    Following the examination, our dental hygienist uses a scaler to clean the plaque and tartar above and below the gum line.
  3. Next step is polishing.
    After eliminating plaque and tartar, our hygienist will deep clean your mouth by using a high-powered electric brush and remove any leftover stains. Also, the professional dental hygienists will use specific toothpaste to give best results. If you wish to get best and enduring results, dental hygienists suggest teeth whitening twice a year.
  4. After deep cleaning, you proceed with flossing and rinsing. 
    Even though you floss regularly at home, still, our hygienists conduct a flossing session for enhanced results. Your experts at Beyond Smiles Dentistry will help you to deep floss between your teeth to find any spots of potential plaque built up or bleeding gums. This is followed by a rinse leaving a minty-fresh feeling in your mouth. This also helps you to get rid of bad breath.
  5. The final step- fluoride treatment
    The final step of the teeth cleaning process is the fluoride treatment. This treatment guards your teeth prevents plaque built up and cavities in future. Also, your dental hygienist will introduce a gel in a mouthpiece which fits on your teeth. This mouthpiece is normally placed resting on your teeth for up to one minute.Post-treatment, you will surely experience an explosion of freshness in your mouth and breath. Dental professionals state that in-office teeth cleaning can help eliminate potential dental problems and enhance overall dental hygiene. So are looking for effective professional teeth cleaning treatment in Mentone?
    Then connect with us now and schedule your appointment.