Smoking and your Oral Health

Today we are all aware that smoking is hazardous to our health.  But, did you know that smoking also has an adverse effects on your teeth and gums?  Smoking causes some of the biggest dental problems, such as infection, gum inflammation, chronic bad breath, tooth discolouration, teeth loss, and even cancer of the mouth.  The best advice we can give our patients is to quit smoking.  Without this, any kind of treatment for your dental problems will be difficult, and maintaining oral health will be virtually impossible. For this reason the Beyond Smiles team will help you quit smoking, so that you can start enjoying the fresh feeling of clean teeth and a healthy mouth. 

For more information and help about how to quit smoking today, you can also visit Quit Now,  a dedicated national website with all the information you need to begin quitting today.

Quitline 13 7848



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