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At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, your appointment times are scheduled specifically for your treatment needs and to ensure you have the highest quality care. Should a change be required to this pre-allocated time, please ensure prior notice of 2 business days is given. This is to ensure that other patients awaiting treatment can be accommodated. Beyond Smiles Dentistry reserves the right to charge a fee to your account for appointments broken in lieu of this notice.

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Please be advised that at Beyond Smiles, payment is required on the day of treatment, and accounts are not possible. If you have concerns regarding payment, please kindly contact our practice manager Sisca, before scheduling your treatment to discuss your options.

Patients requiring extensive dental treatments, will have a personalized treatment plan which your treating clinician will discuss in detail, and indicate the expected costs associated.

Dental Fees and Dental Insurance

Medicare Teen Dental Plan

Veteran’s Affairs

Medibank Private


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At Beyond Smiles Dentistry, the highest possible infection control standards have been put in place and followed. All treatment areas and surfaces are properly disinfected. All instruments have been sterilized to the highest possible standards with our Class B autoclaves.

The Beyond Smiles team have been extensively trained to follow these stringent protocols, and thus have no issues being patients themselves or bringing their family and friends to Beyond Smiles.



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